Tile Adhesive

Tile Adhesive

RUPCO tile adhesive is a single component ready-to-use materials used for fixing tiles on walls and floors in the interior as well as exteriors.  Extra polymer is added to improve adhesion, flexural strength, deformability and abrasion resistance. It’s having excellent adhesion and slip resistance. Manufacturing guidelines is as per the requirement of ISO 13007.


It is used for fixing all types of tiles for interior and exterior walls and floors.

How to Use:

- Remove Dust and loose particles
- Take Rupco tile adhesive in a mixing Tub, add water to make lump-free mortar consistency (mixing ratio is 3:1 by volume)
- Wait for 5 min to dissolve polymers and then mix it again.
- Apply 3-5mm thickness with the help of a trowel. Press the tile genteelly or can use soft hammer.
- Clean the excess adhesive from joints.
- Leave the tile applied area for 24 hours.
- Clean the tools with clean water immediately after use.

(for the best result use tile grout of required colour to fill the gap between gaps between the tiles


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